Boerne Homecoming Mums

Our Elegant & Affordable homecoming mums offer these features:

  • Large, Full “fresh look” flowers
  • Exclusive flower embellishments that we make ourselves.
  • Uniquely decorated flower backers.
  • Custom flower embellishments available such as player numbers, monograms & graphics. (please order early)
  • Very Full mum streamer skirts with plenty of beautiful and unique streamers & elements.
  • Huge variety of unique imprinted ribbons that are not found at the craft store or other vendors
  • Creative & original elements & garnishes not found on typical mums
  • Large variety of unique decorative ribbons/streamers
  • We custom cut our own vinyl lettering for names & messages so we offer a large variety of fonts for you to choose from.
  • Non-traditional color choices in addition to traditional school colors and Senior white.
  • We offer a variety of add-ons such as plush characters & sports trinkets
  • Flower size upgrades and hand colored flowers
  • ​Unique, eye-catching design and lasting quality construction.

Get MORE Mum for your Money!

About Our Mums.

We offer THREE main styles of Homecoming Mums & Garters. Each style is offered in a variety of lengths and flower options. Upgrades and add-on items can be added to any style. NEW for 2018, many of our styles are upgraded to include more decorations, details & elements as well as NEW style & flower options.

We primarily service our local area schools which includes Champion High School, Boerne High School, Geneva School, Smithson Valley High School, Bandera High School, Comfort High School & Blanco High School, Canyon Lake High School. For all these schools, we have school/mascot specific imprinted ribbons.

However, we are HAPPY to create stunning mums for other schools as well within our color varieties.

Colors available are: Navy, Royal, Purple, Red, Black, White, silver, gold, yellow-gold, burgundy, forest/hunter green.

SENIOR Mums & garters can be made for ANY SCHOOL. Senior mums & garters are made in White & silver.

Standard Mum Lengths & options:

Long/full length: 34 inch streamers. 6.5 inch flower (standard/typical) other sizes available

Short: 24 inch streamers, 5.5 inch flower  (other flower sizes available)

Garter: 17 inch streamers, 5.5 inch flower or 4.5" flower (other flower sizes available)

Single: Single flower 6.5 inch

Double: Two flowers- 6.5, 5.5 or 7.5"

Triple: Three Flowers- 5.5, 6.5 or 7.5", mini: 4.5" flowers

​9.5" flowers available on most styles

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2018 Base Mum Pricing
Essential$50$43$40 $95 
Deluxe$79/$86$71/$78 $119/$126