Boerne Homecoming Mums

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Our Elegant & Affordable homecoming mums offer these features:

  • Large, Full “fresh look” flowers
  • Exclusive flower embellishments that we make ourselves.
  • Uniquely decorated flower backers.
  • Custom flower embellishments available such as player numbers, monograms & graphics. (please order early)
  • Very Full mum streamer skirts with plenty of beautiful and unique streamers & elements.
  • Huge variety of unique imprinted ribbons that are not found at the craft store or other vendors
  • Creative & original elements & garnishes not found on typical mums
  • Large variety of unique decorative ribbons/streamers
  • We custom cut our own vinyl lettering for names & messages so we offer a large variety of fonts for you to choose from.
  • Non-traditional color choices in addition to traditional school colors and Senior white.
  • We offer a variety of add-ons such as plush characters & sports trinkets
  • Flower upgrades including hand colored flowers

Get MORE Mum for your Money!

About Our Mums.

We offer THREE main styles of Homecoming Mums & Garters. Each style is offered in a variety of lengths and flower options. Upgrades and add-on items can be added to any style. NEW for 2017, many of our styles are upgraded to include more decorations, details & elements as well as NEW style options.

We primarily service our local area schools which includes Champion High School, Boerne High School, Geneva School, Smithson Valley High School, Bandera High School, Comfort High School & Blanco High School, Canyon Lake High School. For all these schools, we have school/mascot specific imprinted ribbons.

However, we are HAPPY to create stunning mums for other schools as well within our color varieties.

Colors available are: Navy, Royal, Purple, Red, Black, White, silver, gold, yellow-gold, burgundy, emerald green.

SENIOR Mums & garters can be made for ANY SCHOOL. Senior mums & garters are made in White & silver.

2017 Base Mum Pricing
Deluxe$72/$79$66/$73 $92/$99





Standard Mum Lengths & options:

Long/full length: 34 inch streamers. 6.5 inch flower 

Short: 24 inch streamers, 5.5 inch flower  (6.5 inch flower available)

Garter: 17 inch streamers, 5.5 inch flower or 4.5" flower

Single: Single flower 6.5 inch

Double: Two flowers (6.5 inch or 5.5")

Triple: Three Flowers 5.5 inch​- Large: 6.5" flowers, mini: 4.5" flowers

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